Slope Stability Analysis


CLARA-W  v.1.0

CLARA-W, a Windows version of the three-dimensional slope stability program.

XSTABL  v.5.0

XSTABL provides an integrated environment for performing slope stability analysis on an IBM personal computer, or compatible.


LimitState:GEO  v.2.0.6

LimitState:GEO is the revolutionary geotechnical stability analysis software that can be used to rapidly determine the critical failure mechanism and margin of safety for any type of problem, including those involving: * slope stability * retain

ROCK3D32  v.1.0

ROCK3D is a program for stability analysis of removable blocks on planar rock slopes. It identifies and analyses all the blocks that have formed under each kinematic mode.

Map3D  v.6 5

Map3D is a fully integrated three-dimensional layout (CAD), visualization (GIS) and stability analysis package (BEM numerical modelling stress analysis).

Swarm Stability SIMulator (SS-SIM)  v.0.2.alpha

This project simulates a multi-agent system (swarm) behavior both graphically and not.

Oasys Greta  v.

Greta analyses the stability of a gravity retaining wall and determines the bending moments and shear forces within the wall.

CRISP2D  v.5 20

CRISP2D for Windows comprises Pre- and Post-Processing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), the finite element analysis program and a dedicated spreadsheet utility for printing data.

LiquefyPro  v.5 4

Liquefaction of saturated soils (silt, sand, and gravel) during earthquakes has caused severe damage to buildings, earth embankments, dams, and bridges.

Gepasi  v.3 3

Gepasi is a software package for modeling biochemical systems.

SuperLog  v.1.0

Advanced capabilities include rapid input, e.g., typing 'f to m sa' will pop out 'fine to medium sand.' The abbreviation list can be personalized by the user. Automatic depth generation, boilerplate, and spell check make the input fast and enjoyable.

Analysis SE  v.6.3.458

Analysis Studio is a comprehensive, easy to use data mining tool. Analysis Studio includes automated methods for gaining a high level of accuracy and model stability.

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